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Hen Hud 1977

Michelle Pfeiffer

as Deirdre Lynch Cardona


Raquel Welch

as Roxanne Paino


Bob Saget

as Mike Cavaliere


Artie Lange
("MadTV", "The Howard Stern Show")

as Steve Migliore

Jamie Lee Curtis

as Dawn (Scott) Asper

Lisa Bonet

as Theresa DeMattei

Jim Carrey

as Erik Lockwood

Jodie Foster

as Kathy (Swarner) Grinavic

Meryl Streep

as Jeanne (Chazaud) Urban

Tom Hanks

as Scott Grove

John Ratzenberger
(Cliff Clavin on "Cheers")

as Warren Repole

Anthony Edwards
(Dr. Greene on "ER")

as Brad Hurley

Meg Ryan


as Theresa (Rose) Lena

Robby Benson

as Reggie Rose

Sigourney Weaver

as Cathy Law

Bill Clinton

as Brian Segnit


Richard Gere and
Cameron Diaz

as Bob and
MaryLynn (Brook) Miranda

Marisa Tomei

as Tillie Settembre

Julia Roberts

as Margaret O'Neill

Sandra Bullock

as Sharron (Goldstein) Brady

Dan Ackroyd

as Howard Keller

George W. Bush

as Phil Dailey

The Rock ,
star of "The Scorpion King"

as Al Dias


Pierce Brosnan

as John McEvoy

Ed O'Neill
(Al Bundy on "Married with Children")

as David McGuire

Courtney Cox
and Lisa Kudrow

as Sharon (Collender) Hall
and Janet (Fucheck) Murphy



AND, in a unique role-sharing arrangement,

Nancy McKeon , star of "The Facts of Life"
and Demi Moore

co-starring as June Robbins

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